Friday, June 29, 2012

Today I felt a little tired from being in a caloric deficit, but still had some time to kill. So, I ran up the hill then did a real short stair crawl.

I should have taped my good morning workout because this is the best pump I've had in a while. The initial Metabolic Adjustment has been made and my body is now functioning properly on:

Morning:Single Scoop Syntha6 shake

Lunch: 12" roast chicken sub with all the veggies (...hmm, wonder if I could qualify for a "Subway Sponsorship" I do spend 5.38 there every day....*Shrug)

Dinner:  Single scoop Syntha6 shake

This Staple diet is offset with dark leaf salads, fruits, berries, juice, and nuts.
I am also taking a daily vitamin, once or twice a week. This morning I was still sitting at just around 202 lbs from yesterday but that puts me at a total weight loss of .....73 lbs.

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