Monday, July 23, 2012

Still holding strong at about 197-199 lbs. Just went  for a late night jog with a couple of sprints. Last week I managed to do 190 pushups in 1 hr. I was rather happy with myself. I have noticed a considerable increase in the size of my Pecs, Delts, and Triceps, however I am not yet up to maximum of 70 pushups in one set, which is where I was at in May, just before my leg infection (for more information on that you can check out my personal blog @

I promise I will get some more videos up for you real soon. Right now I'm just enjoying the attention and general well-being that comes with being 76 lbs lighter.

If you would like hep with your own weight-loss/ well-being, drop me a line and I will do my best to motivate, facilitate, or even educate you towards your goals.

Thanks for the 419 views so far. I have noticed a lot of you are located in Russia, please comment and share your story, or just say hello. Either way feedback is appreciated.

I'm totally going to be doing more jump rope work.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Allright, It's been a little while since I have posted. Gained back a little bit of weight, I think I'm sitting around 200 lbs flat. However my arms and upper body feel bigger and I think this is due to carrying a little more fluid in my muscle tissue. I promise i will get more videos up soon, however I have been a little delayed by focusing on school and getting my business license/ structure together. hope to be making the jump into a real business owner here in the next couple of weeks.

In the Mean time here is a classic lite-weight workout from the PunkRockFitness Archive.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The guy in this video had practically the same experience of plateauing in his weight loss that I had! Seeing other people who have found the next step in their journey as I have is very inspirational to me.

Alright so I skipped my morning shake, Just got back from Subway for a late lunch this month the 5 dollar sub is buffalo chicken which is nice cause it puts a little more pep in the bite. The main reason I skipped breakfast was that I was still pretty full from my dinner with the one and only PunkRock Goremet (copyright 2012).  We made Gazpacho! unfortunately since we were using several different cameras there are some transfer and format issues that I will need to work out before I have a good video to post. When I do post it you will all know how to make  The PunkRock Goremet's signature Gazpacho which is awesome, and guaranteed to impress any health conscious cuties you bring home.

Remember the goal of any weight-loss program is to drop the fat and change your taste buds. By eating only subway I am forcing my body to adjust to eating chopped veggies as a primary fuel source. last weekend when I had my cheating incident (pigged out on crap-food) I noticed that i no longer felt good eating those high salt low nutrient foods. My body is starting to return to natural drives I haven't felt legitimately hungry or empty in days. So once again what I am doing.

1 Protein shakes to start and end the day, 1 scoop or 22 grams of protein
2 Eat a 12" sub every day as my staple nutritional intake.
3 do lite quick workouts that "wake me up" rather than "whoop my ass"

Today I did some Jump roping with my two pound rope, and did a short workout with my 20 lbs dumbbells. Now I'm going to start my next workout in just few minutes, by cleaning my apartment!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

About 5 days late, cause yeah I'm a cheater. When I see my weight go down I think to myself "Golly does this achievement mean I can reward myself by inviting some cheeseburgers over for a personal party?" NNNNNOOOOO!!!!! Must resist. And after losing a bunch of weight and attempting to pig out on junk you generally have an immediate reminder of why you set out on your path at the first. That reminder being a belly ache from HELL!

So here some more Black Top DEMON with "Robotron is NOT Harrison Ford" and "Motorcity Madman"

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